Transgender parents with a normal family life

Would it make a difference if you will know that your parents are transgender? Normally we hear of many stories of children being born in a normal male and female parents. When children grow up, they determine themselves if they are a normal person or a transgender. When they feel there is something wrong with them and that they should not be what they’re inborn identity then they change to become the one they truly feel they should be.

Even if they are both transgender, they did not undergo any physical changes so Nick is still the one who carried the pregnancies. They have made it work and they got two kids now. You can see in the video part of their life and story. They are father and mother to the eyes of their children though they seem different to the eyes of other people. They share their experiences and struggles during the interview. While growing up and struggling with their situation, they did not receive support from their parents.

Like any or like most of the transgender people who do not receive easy acceptance from family or community, they have undergone that process. Now they can be who they want they are and feel satisfied raising children. If you want more helpful resources then you can read more on the articles on this website or see the links for other interesting reading.