The relationship of beauty and success

Many times we heard that beauty is not everything. That you can be successful and achieve what you want in your life even if you are not beautiful. This is what we like to hear and should be the thinking of every employer in the whole world. It is not the reality though as many views it. Beauty is one trait that can lead you to a more better opportunity than when you do not have it. It is a thing that sometimes draws the line of getting a job or not.

When you apply for a job in some countries you can see in their qualification that is listed that you should have a pleasing personality. Personality is one that identifies a person. All of us think we have a pleasing personality. The good thing is that they did not put the qualification of must be beautiful even if they prefer to hire women who are beautiful. In the video, the model talks about her experiences when she worked as a model having best beauty service from this company 醫美. She explains what she has undergone to be able to do the job required of her.

Even if other people have a different view but that she wants to tell or point out is that beauty will not lead you to an all-time success in your life. There are still up and downs that you have to overcome just like a company. It has its success but it can have its challenges.