Taking a look at teachers duties and responsibilities

I want to share something about teaching in this website as I am a teacher also. I want to just introduce you to teachers duty and responsibilities. Even if it seems irrelevant to the web purpose but you can also have some ideas about teaching as many from the community can be LGBT. So, for this article, I shared a video that illustrates the duties and responsibilities of a teacher. It is not based on my expertise but I found it interesting and good to share.

As you can see in the video above, it defines the duties of a teacher and also the responsibilities that a teacher must carry. Teachers are still considered to be a model and they are expected to b a genius that knows the lessons very well. It is just a fixed an idea. We need to understand that teachers are not perfect as they are also learning every day. They are making effort to discover ways to make the topic and the learning environment to be good and nice. Though it is not applicable to all as some still just conform to the traditional kind of teaching. Your way to have the best buffet catering is here.  You can find their official site in this blog, see here 餐飲 大學. Very famous for their delicious meal being serve in here.

In this time of technology, teachers are now presented with many alternatives to make learning be active and lively or whatever atmosphere they want to create.