What Transgender Feels

What do you transgender people feel while growing up? Unlike LGB, transgender could have already felt they are different from other people even when they were young. One trans woman said “When I was 5 years old, I wanted to dress up like a girl. I wanted my mother to let me grow my hair to make it long and beautiful because I wanted her to tie and braid my hair like other girls around me. I really wanted to use beautiful dress like others women do. But I am a man…”

How can she be wearing such when in fact, everyone knows that she is a man in physically. They never knew that she is a woman mentally and emotionally. How distressed she must have been? Being a transgender is very so depressing. It would be very hard for them to show how they really feel.

They are considered normal because the problem is in their hormone. Gays can still live as a man by gender and sex, and lesbian can still live as a woman by gender and sex. Transgender is difficult to live by gender different from sex.

In order for these people to live normally, they would be thinking everyday how they can change their physical appearance as to match their sexual orientation. Now, transgender can undergo surgery for them to change their physical appearance. It is not also easy to undergo this kind of things but some really go through a long process just to reach their happiness. If they do this for their happiness, why block them? They also have to live a normal life just as others are.