Causes of Transgender

People, especially those who are not transgender, are curious about transgender. What causes transgender? Transgender is being of different gender other than what they are assigned at birth, and those whose gender who are identified as the same as what was assigned when they were born are called cisgender.

Being a transgender is a difficult path. We cannot blame these individuals because it is who they are. Unfortunately, they are the despised and ridicule of the world. They are oftentimes discriminated and ignored. Transgender people are in struggle to be accepted by people around them most especially their family whom they expect to understand them.

Other people may think that they are crazy or somewhat like weird. And, they assume that environmental factors, their upbringing, trauma, being raped, depression and so on are the possible reasons why they are transgender. There can be many factors why people are transgender. However, taking the side of the people who are transgender, they say differently. Basically, it is who they are naturally. It may take time to understand this case, but it is definitely not related to any environmental factor or trauma. And they need the full understanding and acceptance of the society.

Researches show that it is due to hormonal imbalance why some people are transgender. By this, we can understand and we can say that it is not actually their choice to be like that (having a different gender from what they are supposed to be in accordance with their sexual identity). It is a matter that their white matter microstructures fell between the measurements of male and female. It can be concluded that their brains are not completely masculinized or feminized but they still feel like male or female.

Transgendered people are not pretending. To this day, they are making a way to live normally, though they are in fact normal. Bullying is nothing to them. They will overcome and they want to live more just other people do.