A Motivation to Transgendered People

Bullying is not simply teasing. It is more than that that belittled a person so much. Who are we to bully and what are the things that make us superior to them? In fact, we are all the same no matter what. Do you know that many people died because of bullying? Bullying gives big impact to people leading them to commit suicide and depression. They felt hopeless that as if they are nothing in the world and that they are not needed in the society so what is the use to live?

Save the dying lives of the transgendered people. Have compassion to them and give them the freedom of choice! No one wants to be a transgendered people. I bet that if you are in the situation, you will agree that it is not what you want. If there could be a place where transgendered people can live, why not? But this is the reality. We are all living in one world. This world is a mixture of different nations, different cultures and traditions and different genders and colors.

We cannot help but to see each other, study together and work together. But despite the differences, this world is for everyone. Everyone who is born here ought to live here. People who are transgender have the right to live. They have the right for education and socialism too. For transgendered people, fear not anymore! Arise, be courageous and live your lives. Lift your eyes and see the future.